Regione Piemonte

The Walls of Art in the Town of Hazelnut (I Muri d’Arte del Borgo della Nocciola )

Address: 14013 Castellero AT, Italia
Tel: 0141 669180

The project to achieve the murales of Castellero was motivated by the desire to promote the local area, its peasant vocation and the agricultural and landscape resources that most characterize it: hazelnut.

The current project has no equal in the province of Asti and the centrality of hazelnut also at the artistic and landscape level constitutes for the Municipality a unique characterization element, able to promote a greater tourist influx, both as an interesting stage within the itineraries regional excursions, both as an additional element of attraction for the benefit of local accommodation.

Thanks to the realization of the “I Muri d’Arte del Borgo della Nocciola” it was possible to make immediately recognizable to all visitors the role of hazelnut as a typical product of Castellero and an element of economic and cultural revival.